We have new NEW SHIRTDESIGNS. Thanks to Darwin Rodriguez!


Electric Magic webzine offers a new free sampler including "Center Of The Sun". This is kind of an acknowledgement to those who have not listened to it yet in a better quality than other platforms offer. Once there's been word of a possible Split-LP, but I guess this won't happen so soon. So for now please enjoy this version. You will get the download from www.electricmagic.de.vu!


We will be supporting Sons Of Otis on eight selected dates all the way through Germany down to Switzerland in March 2011. Have a look at our concert calendar!


Yes we´re still alive and here´s some good news for you:

As some of you might already have learned from the festival´s website, we have been confirmed for ROADBURN 2011 and are very much looking forward to that! We have been invited to smoke out the Green Room on Sunday April 17th.

Also some more dates for 2011 have been confirmed or are waiting to be confirmed. We will be touring again in March.

There´s been rumours about a second album and yes indeed we will head for the studio in January 2011 and record about six new songs. More info to come up soon!


We offer the whole "Long Distance Trip" on lastfm FOR A FREE LISTENING and it might remain there for quite a while. So see the following link for your own pleasure: www.lastfm.de/music...

Thanks anyway to everyone who has bought a physical copy! That´s still most appreciated and sounds way better than MP3, you guys already know that. Recently we had reprints of both CD and LP. Thanks to Wolf and World In Sound Records for a very great support in the last months!

Next news is the release of our song "Back To Life" (an earlier number, but still pretty cool and also for a pre-listening listed on our Myspace) on the following sampler...

"PlanetFuzz - Cowbells and Cobwebs (PlanetFuzz Compilation) - 2CD

Planetfuzz had a dream spanning many years to produce a KICK ASS compilation with many new upcoming bands and source enough previously unreleased material to warrant a good find! This our first release will allow us to branch off and continue spreading the good vibe of good bands and allow us to put out splits, EPís and LPís! With so many great Labels & Zines on offer, we hope to be able to contribute to the flow of great bands being released and hopefully given our passion for Fuzz will be Successful! Cowbells & Cobwebs is sure to explore the mind, the senses and the unknown! Now available!"

More Infos: www.planetfuzz.net


As you might have already learned from other pages, we will be touring with Yawning Man in July. Most of the dates will be for Germany though.

Customer info: We have new shirts in XL, both colors! Green vinyl´s are out, for several weeks actually. We are getting a second pressing of the black LPs in these days.

Here´s some more footage from the US-Tour. Enjoy "Army Of Ignorance" in San Francisco!


MP3s in stores...


You dig iTunes?

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