SBE in the net...

Meat and greed...
Chris´ Myspace
Richard´s Myspace
Thomas´ Myspace
Hans´ Myspace

Sideprojects & former bands...
Soulitude - Chris´ soloproject
Ewok - Thomas 2nd band
Rodeo Drive - Hans 2nd band
Hans... - Soloproject
Terraplane - Chris´ former band
Dead Crap - Richards former band
Ians Experience - Chris´ former band

Some friends...
Skywise - Doomsters from Rome
Treetarantula - Supersonic Seattle Heads
Farflung - Los Angeles Spacecadets
Nudity - Krautstoners from Oympia
L´Ira del Baccano - Finest Spacerock
Pater Nembrot - Italian Psychrockers
Midryasi - Italian Heavy Psychedelia
Lamp Of The Universe - 3rd Eye Psych
The Machine - Fresh Dope from Holland
This Is Ghost Country - Yeah!
Marogreen - Stoned youngsters
Juicy Mother - Apprentices of the Blues

Related and interesting stuff...
420 Trainwreck - Stoner´s Delight
Aural Innovations - Space Rock
Krautrock World - Kraut Radio
Cosmic Lava - German Webzine
The Obelisk - All hail the Obelisk!
Bad Acid - British Megazine
The Sleeping Shaman - British Webzine
Heavy Planet - Stoner Blog
Roadburn - Stonerfest
Caligula 666 - SFTU
Green Meadow - The "Irish" Vedders
Redwood Curtain Booking - Endor!!!
1991 Agency - Booking in Italy
Green Experts Agency - Earth matters!
Sun Art - Chris´ gigposters and artworks
Electric Magic - Stonerzine led by Chris
Big Snuff Studio - Soundlab feat. Richard