A special offer for those who buy SBE vinyls directly from us,

PLEASE ASK for a free digital copy (MP 3)!


New shirts in store!

SBE will appear live at Fritz Radio Potsdam on March 21 at exactly 2 PM!


Actually we´re recovering loads of video material from our trip to America.
Here´s a full pre-listen of "For The Lost Souls" combined with pictures from the 2009 Westcoast-Tour.



The Release Party a.k.a. A-Psychedoomelic-Bat-Beat-Power-Flower-Happening for our coming longplayer "Long Distance Trip" will be on April 4 at Arcanoa Kreuzberg Berlin. We expect ALL the usual suspects, ALL our beloved Samsarians and hopefully even YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU.

Anyway here´s a more detailed info for all the people who want to make sure they get one of the first LPs. Yes we take your orders from now on! So here´s the menu:

CD-digipack (6 songs in 66 minutes) for 14 Euros
LP black (5 songs in 50 minutes) for 16 Euros
LP clear green (5 songs in 50 minutes) for 20 euros

Please ask for the shipping prices, these are not included. Also we will have new shirtdesigns very soon. You might ask what will happen to this one song that is not on the LPs? This one is supposed to be released on a SPLIT VINYL with Skywise, presumably not before Summer.

There are two compilations coming out spring/summer. One of them will be the Planet Fuzz sampler, where we will contribute one song as well and you might guess, this one will not be on the album.

So far, so good...


We have been invited to play Roadburn Festival in April, as well as legendary Burg Herzberg Open Air in July. Seems needless to say, but we are very much excited to be a part of and thankful for these big happenings! So we´re looking forward to see you there!


It´s just the dawning of 2-0-10 and the news is super hot:

To our dearest Samsarians and fellow travellers, we are very happy to announce our this year´s appearance at the STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND Festival!

Also we are super happy to announce our alliance with SOUND OF LIBERATION Booking one of the very finest agencies in contemporary HEAVY ROCK! We are looking forward to a new quality of playing live and touring from now on.

So keep your ears warm, you will need ´em in not less than four weeks... The final good news is that our first album "Long Distance Trip" will come up pretty soon on LP black and colored vinyl and CD Digipack! The early cover, as promoted on magazines like The Obelisk, has been revised and will be just as beautiful as the content itself...

To those who didn´t notice until now - our website is always a bit slower than myspace :-) - we will also play Yellowstock Festival and are very happy to have gotten this chance again! Our next Berlin show will be at White Trash with Baby Woodrose...

So let´s all have a good time... Cheers!

Awesome new footage from our HOT AS FUZZ tour. Enjoy!

Thanks to Axl and Filippo!

SBE will to sign to World In Sound Records. The first album "Long Distance Trip" is supposed to be released in February 2010 on Digipack CD and Vinyl. FIND HERE some guidelines for the trip...

A new interview in german, can be read here: doommetalfront.do.funpic.de.

Some new gigs confirmed. One in Berlin and we´ll be touring the Netherlands in March.

NEXT SHOW 03/11/2009 Wild At Heart Berlin with Monkey 3. Thanks to SOL Booking!
We´ll be touring East Germany in December with our buddies Pater Nembrot! AND we are working on new songs...

Live At Winterland, Bremerton USA

Thanks to Tony Reed & wife for filming and making this happen.

WORK IN PROGRESS - prelisten our coming album now on Myspace. Click here!

Concerning our album, we´re getting very close to Phase II: Which means we are now starting to look for labels!

Check out the new screenprints for our coming Italy Tour! Click here.

New SBE-shirts are now available! You will find also other new items and some special offers! Check it out here!

Cosmic Lava webzine published an interview with Chris, click here to read. We also received a(nother) very good demo-review, this time from The Ripple Effect, see the reviews-section.

We are still very busy working on the album and a bit tired to excuse ourselves so often for the delay, but you can be very sure that the album won´t dissapoint anybody who liked our early releases ;-)! It will be very much more detailed and for every song there are loads of tracks to cut and mix and puzzle together... so please hold on a little bit longer. Nonetheless after all this we still have to figure out a label deal what may cost some extra time...

We are very happy to announce our live-appearance at Swamp Room Mania in Munich coming September! Our works on the album are taking very good shape. And one more good news for those who yet didnt grab their SBE-shirt. There´ll be another chance, as we´ll have Logo-Reprints in stock very soon, also ladyshirts! Watch out.

Finally new videos! Watch out for some backyard action from Arche Open Air...

Thanks to Magnificent Axl!

We are still looking for some dates to extend the two tours with Pater Nembrot in October (North-Italy & Austria) and December (Germany).

Please get in touch when you´d like to have us shredding your spot!

We will contribute our "Red Rooster Jam" for the coming sampler CD "Berliner Ring II" and play a short set at the release party in KATO-club. Thanks to Setalight Records for the invitation!

The even better news: Actually we are working on our first full-length record! So stay tuned, don´t drop out...

Almost 6000 kms of an "awesome" USA-experience lay behind us. Guess it would take ages to write down all impressions but from time to time at least we will upload pictures on myspace. So here again a big thank-you to all the guys that helped us to realize this, also to all our old and new fans: PROST!

For all the others in old Europe: We still have some US-merchandise in stock! Have a look here.

Even more download-specials! Finally we also uploaded Promopictures... More stuff to come, stay tuned.

New download-specials! Check them out in the media-section.

Been a while, you all should have noticed from our myspace-blog that we had some bad luck with some fascist guys in these days, but of course we go on, straight ahead... Actually we are still looking for the best way to get our songs recorded for the first full-length. Besides we started to play along with some riffs and create new songs. So with a little luck in one month we could have at least two or three new songs. Yesterdays rehearsal was already VERY promising. Let´s see. Not to forget: We are very glad to be part of next year´s Yellowstock Festival in Belgium!

Howdy fellows, here´s a new webdesign. Hope you like that. Actually we are working on new songs, next year´s touring dates, the album recordings and still on this site... So we are really really busy.

Just a few more words on the coming album, it will be released around March or April, at least when we finish certain things in time. There should be around 8 songs in ca. 70 minutes playing time. You might have noticed that "Double Freedom" grew up to a 30 minutes epic, though most of the other songs will be a bit straighter. Actually I started to work with different new synthesizers and organs. Thanks to the possibilities of VST-plugins ;-)... So lets see what happens, I think this will become a very cool record.

So take care and see you soon, Chris & SBE

For earlier postings see also our blog on Myspace!